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Welcome To The POSitive For Windows / AveraSell Download & Registration Center:

What is it?

AveraSell was a Point Of Sale (POS) software manufactured and distributed by the POSitive Software Company (PSC) originally based on their much-loved and much-used POSitive For Windows (PFW) Version 4.3. In 2012, PSC discontinued sales, support, and downloading of both AveraSell and POSitive For Windows. The files are technically no longer available even if you go digging through their FTP site, but we've collected all the resources related to these legacy applications a person could ever want and put them on one centrally-located repository so you don't have to go digging around.

AveraSell Was offered in 3 main editions as described below:

POSitive For Windows (PFW) was the basis for AveraSell and came in 3 main editions in addition to the demo version:

Our KeyTool can generate both permanent unlocking codes for PFW version .4.3 AND 4.4 as well as timed unlocking codes for both versions which allow you to evaluate the product in a network environment or test additional functionality before committing to it.

What's on this web site area?

Both POSitive For Windows and AveraSell can be downloaded.  AveraSell (the latter of the POS programs) is available in both a somewhat modified form (which we have called "AveraSell Improved") or in its original form (without modifications of "AveraSell Improved") without having to submit anything, and also unlocking codes can be generated on-the-fly using Our Online KeyTool with minimal information submitted to us.  Also available for download is the CHM Help file should you want to download the manual separately from the AveraSell  or PFW Program.

Above You Mentioned That "AveraSell Improved" is "Somewhat Modified", In What Ways Have You Modified The Original Version?

The following Modifications have been put in place in AveraSell Improved:

  1. Removed the "Nag" Screens from all editions
  2. Made it possible to register modules no matter what edition (Basic, Professional, or Premier) you register (See KeyTool Help (New Window)) for More information on editions)
  3. Removed some misleading text on the module registration screen
  4. Displayed the modules that have been registered in Help > Registration

Can I Download The Original Version (The One Without The Modifications in "AveraSell Improved")?

Yes! To do this, use any of the AveraSell Installers that don't say "Modified Modern Install" in our downloads area.

Can I Download POSitive For Windows (PFW)?

Once again, absolutely! PFW Versions 4.3 and 4.4 are available in the Downloads area. In addition to being able to download these applications, you can get registration codes for the software using our KeyTool.

Can you Really Generate codes for this?

Yes we can (but not without breaking the software's license agreement). It's not a question of "Can you...?", it's a question of "Will you...?"

GOOD NEWS!  The Original POSitive For Windows (versions 4.3 and 4.4) are now available on this archive!

GOOD NEWS!  Now available for download is POSitive for Windows versions 4.3 AND 4.4!  To download POSitive For Windows 4.3 which includes the help file as part of the installer, or POSitive For Windows 4.4 which does not include the help file as part of the installer, choose the appropriate "Download POSitive" link on our new downloads page.  Note that the POSitive For Windows installers are the original installers from PSC and DO NOT include the KeyTool or any other modifications.

VERY IMPORTANT: The version of KeyTool included with "AveraSell Improved" will ONLY work with AveraSell and cannot generate any unlocks for PFW!  A stand-alone installer for KeyTool (which generates codes for both AveraSell and PFW) can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Standalone KeyTool Installation

What are "Timed Unlocks" in PFW and Why Do You Offer the Ability To Generate Them?

In PFW Timed unlocks are there to enable you to test the full functionality of the software either by removing the restrictions of the initial demo mode (limit thirty (30) customers (we're still testing to find more restrictions and will document them as we find them)), activating or deactivating modules, or testing over the network.  We offer Timed unlocks as an opportunity for you  to  do the exact same purpose but allow you to come back and generate permanent unlocks if you find you're satisfied with how PFW performs in your environment.

If you choose to generate "timed unlocks" the expiration date is defaulted to 14 days from the current date.  You can however choose to use a different expiration date just enter it in the appropriate box.

The recommended registration progression is to generate timed unlocks first to see if the software meets your needs and then come back to generate permanent unlocks, but if you know that the software will meet your needs and don't need to test, then you could just go directly for permanent unlocks, doing the registration progression is not a requirement.

Will you charge me for Codes?

Nope! I got lucky and found a person who was kind enough to reverse engineer the software, make the KeyTool, and make the modifications for a very economical price and so I got the work done. A very big thanks to G. R. for his help without whom this would not be possible.

How Do I use this site?

Either browse around in the links at the top, or to get to the software, check out our new Downloads Page.

information iconVERY IMPORTANT: Verify your download!  Please use HashMyFiles (or any other hash checking program of your choice) on windows to verify the integrity of the downloads from this area!  Get the checksums on the checksums page

To Access the KeyTool to Generate unlocking codes, please read below and then click on Access KeyTool.

To Read our help documentation about KeyTool, click on KeyTool Help below:

KeyTool Help (New Window)

Please Remember The Following Things about registration of AveraSell and/or POSitive For Windows (PFW) to ensure things Work out for you:

  1. Registration Codes are keyed to the Company Name and Address 1 fields from when you setup your company in AveraSell or PFW.
  2. The Serial Number field is used as a "check digit" if the Serial Number on the KeyTool page after entering your details does not match the one displayed in the registration screen, please re-submit your Company Name and Address 1 and regenerate the keys.
  3. Spelling, Punctuation, Spacing, and CAPITALIZATION are all absolutely critical in making sure the unlocking codes work.

KeyTool Go To KeyTool!

Are You In A Hurry To Unlock Your Chosen POS product?

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