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    Hello and welcome to XDS Support & Training Services Online Support Community, weíre glad youíve decided to join us! To ensure that everyone has a positive experience on our website, we have defined this set of guidelines that cover all aspects of our website. A lot of these are common sense stuff, but some are not; regardless of common sense or not, habitual breakage of the guidelines may result in a written warning or a ban if itís chronic enough.

    1. Keep it clean, this site and all of itís functions are meant to be family-friendly. As such, please avoid excessive use of swear words. We have filters in place to catch the most blaitently offensive words, just because we've chosen not to filter it doesn't mean it should be every other word. Creative Spellings, spacing, or character substitution isn't fooling anyone and our web team has seen it all sadly enough.
    2. No Bashing, Bullying, Name Calling, or Put-Downs: People have different Opinions, we get it; however, just because someoneís opinion is different than yours does not give you a right to talk down to them. If you canít get along, just ignore each other. If a comment truly offends you and it violates the rules, please hit the "Report this..." button and Staff will take care of it.
    3. Politics and Religion are big no-nos here: nothing starts more flame wars and personal attacks than religion and politics, as such we are strictly banning the discussion of such topics anywhere.
    4. Search BEFORE you post: our forums, blogs, and download manager have in-built search capabilities so you can find the content you need fast, why re-invent the wheel when something has already been solved? If you canít find it by searching the above mentioned areas, post a question in the appropriate forum.
    5. No Topic Bumping: if you donít get a reply as fast as you might like, donít just post something to put your topic on top again. Weíre all volunteer and doing this for fun, therefore there is no real reason to keep bugging the community for an answer
    6. Blogs, Galleries, and Downloads Policy: Every member is allowed to create up to 1 blog which is publically visible, you can use this blog as a live journal, blog about technology or your industry, or whatever you want really. The recommended use of the gallery is for screen shots or examples of troubleshooting problems, but like the blog gallery can be anything you want it to be within reason. Downloads are to be helpful files such as patch files, help documents, updates, or the like. We try to pre-screen downloads but cannot guarantee the reliability of files. Users who intentionally upload viruses or other malicious code will be banned. Please donít upload pirated versions of software. If the software is your own creation, please PM staff and if approved, you can host it here.
    7. moderation is not censorship: if need be, we can make it mandatory for all new content by a member or group of members to be approved before it goes live.
    8. no advertizing: we donít want your knock-off pharmaceuticals or used winx club dolls. Posts and threads which are in our judgment spam or advertizing will be deleted or closed at our option.
    9. no back seat modding: if someone is violating these guidelines, donít threaten adverse events such as bans or warns; rather hit the report button next to the offending content. Back Seat Mods will be forced into moderation cue for 15 days on first offense, 30 for a second offense, and may be banned for a third or subsequent offense.
    10. Personal Message (PM) Policy: PM is great for having off topic discussion with one or more members, however it is not to be used to get around the rules. If you are found to be violating the rules, we will deal with you accordingly.
    11. The official language of this site is English: We have no beef, chicken, or pork with other languages. We just donít have staff sufficiently trained in other languages to be of service to speakers of such languages.
    12. Ask BEFORE you submit: while we do have a support system where you can submit technical tickets as well as contact us on site business, we highly encourage you to post in the forums before contacting us by ticket. This is a collective knowledge community; meaning, that we encourage you to share publically to benefit others who might be looking for the same or similar answers.
    13. We Wonít do it for you: if you are in a Photoshop class or any other technically oriented class (whether in high school, college or university, or a career school) we will not complete your assignments for you. You can ask us for help and opinions, but we will not do it for you.
    14. Be original: if you didnít create it or you didnít come up with it on your own, give proper credit to the original authors. If your answer comes from an authoritative source such as a product knowledgebase that is accessible online, please give a link to the original source.
    15. Change is imminent: if we need to we can and will change these guidelines. Check in on them every now and again if you need to that way you are in full compliance.

    Last modified: November 27, 2015