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    Welcome To XDS Support & Training services!

    We are a 100% volunteer driven call center and information technology support services help desk accessible to any person who has a question. We currently employ 876 volunteers. Everyone from the CEO (Krystal Meyers) to the person who just got out of training last week are 100% volunteer, we all get paid in the fact that we were able to help the end customer get his or her information technology problem solved. We do what we do just because we love to help people. Our company is truly not for profit. When we say "Not-for-profit" we are not speaking in the terms of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax codes which are an alphabet soup, but truly not-for-profit; we receive no money coming in from any source, thus we have no money to pay out to our volunteers. Since we are not doing what we do for the money, we pass the savings on to you in for form of always available technical support services at no cost because who has the money to pay for tech support from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe or other vendors on their hours, their terms and often times on a per-incident basis? Most people we know don't! Explorer the site and get to learn about technology and if you have questions, please feel free to join our site to get help with your technology issues, create a blog and so much more!

    We are a new kind of help desk where the person who we strive to impress and meet the expectations of is not our corporate parent or boss, but rather the person who is asking for help.