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Are You In A Hurry And Need to Unlock AveraSell Or POSitive For Windows Quickly?

If So the "Plus Edition Multi-User" with all modules can be unlocked by saving a blank file called "JTH.DAT" to the root of your AveraSell directory. The only downside to doing it this way is that you still get a "Nag Screen" or two if using the original installer (this little "gotcha" does not apply to our improved version or to any of the  PFW versions. If this is acceptable to you, you can either create the JTH.DAT yourself (takes less than 2 minutes) or download ours and save it to your product installation Directory by clicking on the link below:

Download  Download JTH.DAT File (0 KB)

Note for PFW Users:

This trick works without  any worries and unlocks premier edition and all modules.

I want to create the JTH.DAT myself, how do I do this?

  1. Open notepad on your windows computer
  2. Click on File > Save As...
  3. Navigate to your product installation Directory (by default C:\AVS for AveraSell Improved, C:\AveraSell installed with the original installer, or C:\pfw for either of the PFW versions)
  4. In the File Name box. type in "JTH.DAT" (including the quotes)
  5. Hit save
  6. Launch your chosen POS product