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POSitive For Windows / AveraSell Registration

To register additional features in AveraSell or POSitive For Windows (PFW) fill out the information below and click the button to get your codes.

Info Icon Please Note: Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation, and Spacing are absolutely critical! Please enter the information exactly as it is displayed in company setup (File > System > Company) We Encourage you to copy/paste this Company Name and Address 1 from the company setup screen (copy button in lower left of this screen). After choosing copy, open notepad and choose Edit > Paste then copy the information into the boxes below and click the "Get Unlocking Codes Now" button below.

Help Resource  Want to make a correction or alteration to your company name and/or address 1 without starting over in AveraSell?  Watch this Tutorial video to find out how. (External Link Opens in new Window / Tab).  Video starts at 5 Minutes and 59 Seconds in.  This is set to happen automatically so you don't have to scrub through it looking for the information.

information iconVERY IMPORTANT: Please take a backup of your C:\AVS\compny.tps BEFORE you use the method listed in the video linked above.
information iconPlease Note: Using the method described will cause you to need to re-register using KeyTool to obtain new codes for your updated company name and/or address.  This trick is only needed if you're using AveraSell and does NOT apply to any PFW Builds.

Just so you know: we do NOT retain any of the information you enter into this form. Once you leave this page, you'll need to re-enter your company name and address 1 to recover your codes.

Having Trouble with your Codes? see the section on Troubleshooting registration issues in KeyTool Help

Company Name:
Address 1:

Please check that the serial number matches the number displayed on the registration screen. This is absolutely critical else the codes won't work!.

Unlocking information:

based on the information you provided above, the following are the codes needed to unlock your chosen POS product:

Serial Number
Version Code
Edition (Registration Number) Single User Multi User
Contract Pricing
Yahoo Store
SecureCart Import

What are "Timed Unlocks" in PFW and Why Do You Offer the Ability To Generate Them?

In PFW Timed unlocks are there to enable you to test the full functionality of the software either by removing the restrictions of the initial demo mode, activating or deactivating modules, or testing over the network.  We offer Timed unlocks as an opportunity for you  to  do the exact same purpose but allow you to come back and generate permanent unlocks if you find you're satisfied with how PFW performs in your environment.

If you choose to generate "timed unlocks" the expiration date is defaulted to 14 days from the current date.  You can however choose to use a different expiration date just enter it in the appropriate box.

The recommended registration progression is to generate timed unlocks first to see if the software meets your needs and then come back to generate permanent unlocks, but if you know that the software will meet your needs and don't need to test, then you could just go directly for permanent unlocks, doing the registration progression is not a requirement.



Codes Not Working?

Don't panic, there's probably a simple and quick answer for why they aren't working. To troubleshoot registration issues take the following actions:

  1. Check, Double Check, and Check again to ensure that the Company Name AND Address 1 are entered EXACTLY the same as in File > System > Company
  2. Check, Double Check, and Check again that the serial number matches what is displayed here based on your Company Name AND Address 1.
  3. Check, Double Check, and Check again that you didn't "flub" or "goof" the Version Code OR Registration Number. (e.g. put the Version Code in the Registration Number box, transpose a digit or several, or other simple mistakes)
  4. Make sure that you're using the right edition and that you're only using one type of code (example only using multi-user codes) as single-user and multi-user codes are not interchangable.