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HELP! My Registration Codes Are Not Working! What's Wrong?

Don't panic, there's probably a simple and quick answer for why they aren't working. To troubleshoot registration issues take the following actions:

  1. Check, Double Check, and Check again to ensure that the Company Name AND Address 1 are entered EXACTLY the same as in File > System > Company
  2. Check, Double Check, and Check again that the serial number matches what is displayed in KeyTool based on your Company Name AND Address 1.
  3. Check, Double Check, and Check again that you didn't "flub" or "goof" the Version Code OR Registration Number. (e.g. put the Version Code in the Registration Number box, transpose a digit or several, or other simple mistakes)
  4. Make sure that you're using the right edition and that you're only using one type of code (example only using multi-user codes) as single-user and multi-user codes are not interchangeable.


What are the meanings of the codes?

The codes are broken into 3 "Editions" called Basic, Professional, and Premier, each one can be unlocked for either a single computer (station) or multiple stations on the same network. Find below a brief explanation of the editions:

What do the Codes Translate To In the Terms of AveraSell?

The Following Table will tell you which editions correspond to what features in AveraSell if you want to go by PSC's definitions of the features. AveraSell Improved removed some of these restrictions and stabilized the program no matter what and allows you to use modules if you want, but this is the comparison for those who want it:


Compare AveraSell Editions
AveraSell Edition Code

None Just Install It and Go

Free-To-Register Basic (Single User)
Professional Edition (can be either single user or multi user) Professional
AveraSell Plus (Single User) Premier (Single User)
AveraSell Plus (Multi-User) Premier (Multi User)


What Do The Module Codes Do?


The Module Codes are optional features that you can add to the base editions depending on your needs. A list of modules and their descriptions are below:

I've Entered My Version Code, What's my Registration Number?

Your Registration number is either the single-user or multi-user code next to the edition name of your choosing (either Basic, Professional, or Premier)

Can I upgrade or downgrade between editions and module configurations?

Absolutely! Just go to KeyTool, enter your company name and address 1 and hit the button. This will generate new codes. To upgrade editions, or downgrade for that matter retain the Version Code as that will never change so long as the company name and address 1 are entered correctly each time (use the serial number generated to check) and simply pop in a new Registration Number for any of the editions (Basic Professional, or Premier).

VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to match the module codes with the type of edition (example use only single-user module codes with single user edition codes, and only use multi-user modules with multi-user edition codes)

Can I Turn Off or Ignore Modules If I Don't Need Them?

Sure! on the module screen, simply put a number zero (0) without the parentheses in the respective module field(s) that you don't want or need.

What are "Timed Unlocks" in PFW and Why Do You Offer the Ability To Generate Them?

In PFW Timed unlocks are there to enable you to test the full functionality of the software either by removing the restrictions of the initial demo mode, activating or deactivating modules, or testing over the network.  We offer Timed unlocks as an opportunity for you  to  do the exact same purpose but allow you to come back and generate permanent unlocks if you find you're satisfied with how PFW performs in your environment.

If you choose to generate "timed unlocks" the expiration date is defaulted to 14 days from the current date.  You can however choose to use a different expiration date just enter it in the appropriate box.

The recommended registration progression is to generate timed unlocks first to see if the software meets your needs and then come back to generate permanent unlocks, but if you know that the software will meet your needs and don't need to test, then you could just go directly for permanent unlocks, doing the registration progression is not a requirement.