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I've attempted to make this disclaimer as short and to the point as possible while still keeping all the important information available.  Please take a moment to read all of the following:

  1. I don't own AveraSell, POSitive For Windows (PFW), or the source code to either program, POSitive Software Company does

  2. This software is technically considered "abandonware" (manufacturer no longer sells it, supports it, or otherwise maintains it) and as a result I maintain this archive for those who need access to, or are otherwise interested in the software for any reason.

  3. all downloads and files have been virus scanned and checksums generated as of the time they were originally uploaded; however, I encourage you to verify the checksums yourself

  4. I will not provide any support other than what is offered on the KeyTool Help page and any resources in the Help Center.

  5. Any resource whether hosted on this site, or hosted externally is not guaranteed to be persistent meaning that due to the changing nature of the internet these things could easily not be available at any point of time, so don't rely on any or all of the resources always being available.

  6. your mileage may vary with regards to the performance of the software, resources, and tools available in this area.

  7. I may occasionally make modifications to the look and feel, structure, or other aspects of this site area; including resources accessible through this site area.  I may make no further alterations, or I may improve it more frequently.  Either way, these changes may come with or without notice to you and without posting such modifications in an announcement.