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Welcome to the new POSitive For Windows / AveraSell Help Center!

Here you'll find a wealth of information about AveraSell and/or POSitive For Windows in the form of downloadable PDF files and links to additional resources. Note that links open in new windows/tabs.  Quick note: Since AveraSell and POSitive For Windows are almost identical in procedures and features, you can use the AveraSell manuals below for either program.

Download  AveraSell Manual (PDF) (43.3 MB)

Download  POSitive For Windows Manual (PDF) (52.8 MB)

Download  Quick Start Guide (PDF) (1.8 MB)

Download  7 Rules For Accurate Inventory (PDF) (691 KB)

Download  Alternate SKUs Quick Reference (PDF) (533 KB)

Download  Barcodes Quick Reference (PDF) (1.84 MB)

Download  Gift Certificates Quick Reference (PDF) (246 KB)

Download  Multi-Store Quick Reference (PDF) (329 KB)

Download  Common Issues Troubleshooting Guide (PDF) (19.9 KB)

Download  How to Troubleshoot PFW Installation Issues (PDF)  (88.5 KB) IMPORTANT: THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY VERSION OF AveraSell! This guide is specific to PFW users only!  This guide ONLY APPLIES IF you're using the ORIGINAL PSC installers.  If you're using a one of our MODERN installers, these problems have been resolved.

Video Resource  Watch Tutorial Videos on YouTube (external link)

link KeyTool Help (Internal Link)

link  Quick Unlocking Trick (Internal Link)

Web App  KeyTool (Internal Link)

Download  Download KeyTool Stand-Alone Installer (293 KB) (Stand-Alone KeyTool Installer / EXE)

Download  Download AveraSell CHM Manual (CHM / HTML Help) (20.9 MB)

Download  Download POSitive For Windows CHM Manual (CHM / HTML Help) (26.6 MB)

Video Resource  Want to make a correction or alteration to your company name and/or address 1 without starting over in AveraSell?  Watch this Tutorial video to find out how. (External Link Opens in new Window / Tab).  Video starts at 5 Minutes and 59 Seconds in.  This is set to happen automatically so you don't have to scrub through it looking for the information.

information iconVERY IMPORTANT: Please take a backup of your C:\AVS\compny.tps BEFORE you use the method listed in the video linked above.
information iconPlease Note: Using the method described will cause you to need to re-register using KeyTool to obtain new codes for your updated company name and/or address.  This trick is only needed if you're using AveraSell and does NOT apply to any PFW Builds.